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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is an extract from a debate about aardvarks.

Example debate about aardvarks

This page would be trying to determine the truth of "Aardvarks eat only ants and termites". We currently do not think it is true, because the weight (16%) is not greater than 50%. This weight is based upon the weights of the arguments and the voting.

Three people have voted on this point using the "Agree", "Abstain" and "Disagree" buttons. You would be able to see who they are and how they voted in the Votes tab.

There is one argument added against this point. The argument could be read "Aardvarks sometimes eat the aardvark cucumber, so therefore aardvarks do not only eat ants and termites".

This is split into two boxes, the fact that "Aardvarks sometimes eat the aardvark cucumber", and the link "therefore this is true". By clicking on either of these you would be able to drill down into the argument.

"Aardvarks sometimes eat the aardvark cucumber" has a weight of 93%, and the link has a weight of 100%. These are multiplied together to give the overall weight of the argument as 93%. As this weight is greater than 50% it will be contributing to the low weight of 16% of "Aardvarks only eat ants and termites".

A good point title should be a short factual statement, with which people can either agree or disagree.

It should not be phrased as a question, and should not have an explanation. Any explanation can be added as a comment.

It should not be ambiguous.

It should be a single point. People should not be able to agree with half of your title.

Bad Good
Should the death penalty be used? There are cases where the death penalty should be imposed.
The Euro is better than the pound. It would be better for Britain's economy were it to adopt the Euro.
It is impossible to draw a line between mentally sound and unsound because society interprets sound behaviour inconsistently. There is no clear line between mentally sound and mentally unsound.
Humans are warming the planet causing the ice caps to melt. Humans are warming the planet.

If a point you disagree with is highly weighted, or a point you agree with is lowly weighted, then there are two possibilities: either you are or Eleatica is wrong.

Start reading the points underneath, and decide whether you agree or disagree with them. Don't be afraid to vote for individual points that you agree with, even if they do not support your overall view. When you disagree or agree with a point, think about why you do. If that reason has not already been made as a point, add it. As you vote and add points, weights within the arguments will change.

Once you have finished going through the arguments, decide whether or not they have changed your view, and vote on the original point accordingly. If you still disagree with Eleatica, then continue finding the individual points upon which you disagree, and add points supporting your case.

As in academia, a reference should be a published source that supports or contradicts a point. It could be physically published, such as a book, or published online. If you reject the reliability of a reference, you can vote against it. If you reject the relevance, you can vote against the link.

References can be added by ticking the "This point is a reference..." box when creating a point.

Reputation is a measure of how much you are a trusted member of the community. The more reputation you have, the more things you are allowed to do.

Ways to Gain or Lose Reputation

Vote1 reputation
Make a point3 reputation
Comment1 reputation
Create a debate4 reputation
Be winning a competition10 reputation
Starting a debate that now has over 100 points100 reputation
Uploading a profile picture10 reputation
Completing a profile (see below)10 reputation
Succesfully editing a point5 reputation
Having an edit rejected-10 reputation

What Reputation Allows You to Do

Vote0 reputation
Comment2 reputation
Make a point5 reputation
Create a debate20 reputation
Delete your own comment100 reputation
Vote upon an edit150 reputation
Offer a bounty200 reputation
Give inverse wording of a point300 reputation
Suggest an edit of a point500 reputation
Change the category of a debate2000 reputation
Edit a point without a vote5000 reputation

For a profile to be complete, you do not need to display your age on your profile or include a website, though you do need a profile picture.

If you don't know enough to vote yes or no to a point, you can abstain. This does not change the weighting of the points, but counts as a vote.

In the panel, Eleatica will suggest points upon which you can vote. These are generally points that need more votes. Eleatica will continue to suggest the same points unless you vote upon them. Additionally, abstaining counts as a vote when calculating reputation.

Two things. In your Panel, the points suggested for you to vote on will be derived from the debates you like, and will ignore the debates you do not.

Debates that are more often liked than disliked will be more prominent in debate listings.